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World antennas in figures
More than 3,000 partners in more than 2,000 towns are selling more than 200 models of antennas of the First Antenna Factory, introducing digital terrestrial TV and DVB-T2 in Russia,
Our Company is more than 20 years in analog and digital TV business, and every day we move the Digital Age of television nearer.
in 2015
  • Более 30 моделей новых антенн для DVB-T2

    developed and launched us into production

  • More than 1 million antennas

    Released in 2015

  • Over the past year sold more than 5,000 km of cable

    We provide a modern cable dealers in Russia

Goals of the Mir Antenn, LLC

  • 1. The introduction of the digital TV in Russia, through the distribution of digital antennas and technology!
  • 2. Ensuring every family entertainment and exciting television channels those are useful to everybody!
  • 3. Expansion of the production of new advanced antennas, the introduction of modern services demanded by society!
  • 4. Promotion of the company products into new markets with the use of high-quality customer service system!

Mir Antenn, LLC is the largest manufacturer of television broadcast aluminum antennas in Russia, and has exclusive distribution rights for satellite equipment from Europe and Asia.


Thanks to modern production facilities and extensive design experience, we have created an antenna, which is recognized all over Russia and CIS countries.


We make wholesale deliveries of our products in any region of Russia.

Our products are known under the following brand names:


  • Reflector – is a series of broadband antennas ASP, in common "grid." Our factory produces the largest range of inexpensive and widely accessible antennas, while providing the best quality and price of Russia.
  • Strong – is a series of business-class broadband antennas from aluminum. Best World band antenna in Russia, practically unlimited service life (all the power components are made of aluminum and are used only screw connections). Have a higher sensitivity, selectivity, noise immunity. All this qualities allows for the electrical parameters and lifetime much larger than similar antenna, made of steel. We recommend you to pay attention to the model STRONG X 50 - she successfully built from three-band antenna, is very compact and has a full-color packaging. At the moment - this is the most promising product for the Russian market.
  • Mir – is a series of professional aluminum antennas for cottages and community reception. This series is made based on the best European counterparts, but adapted for the Russian frequencies and harsh operating conditions (all the power components are also made of aluminum and are used only screw connections), while the value of their foreign counterparts is 3 times higher.
  • Favorite – is a series of indoor antennas from aluminum with reinforced UHF reception. This series is intended for analog and digital TV, is easy to install and configure. Antenna is packed in a convenient and practical package. The leader of the series is FAVORITE X: in terms of price / performance, the best available option.

The plant also manufactures antennas for mobile communications, electronics for the antennas, TV masts, and a wide range of cable products.

The company has own facilities in China for the production of cables under the brand "STRONG".


Dear customers!
If you didn’t find on our website the antenna or equipment you are interested in, we are ready to develop and manufacture products of interest to you and deliver the equipment you need in the shortest possible time.


Sincerely, Mir Antenn, LLC team.

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